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Manzil Pakistan's work with the Parliament of Pakistan

Manzil Pakistan endorses the view that strengthening the parliament will strengthen democracy in Pakistan. As part of a multi-faceted approach to finding solutions and developing relevant public policy, Manzil Pakistan is committed to partnering with government institutions to build capacity and improve its efficiency.

Manzil is currently engaged in numerous projects with the National Assembly of Pakistan and its Standing Committees, as well as other government institutions and NGOs, which work from the inside out to understand problems that these institutions face. Manzil is dedicated to improving the systems that govern these institutions so that ad hoc decisions are not made and better governance and strategic thinking dictates policy making promoting national interest at all times.

Pakistan's democracy is still evolving and in order for it to function smoothly in the long run, it is essential that we work on building a solid foundation now.

Currently vManzil has completed research commissioned by the NA on parliamentary capacity and strategic planning. We are also pursuing independent research on committee systems and improving oversight through this mechanism.

Please write to us with any questions about our projects, feedback on our research or about issues that may not be getting the attention they deserve.

Projects Manzil Pakistan has completed will be regularly updated on our website and please see our blogs for reviews and comments.


Research: Preliminary Study on Parliamentary Committees (Completed)

Research: Improving Governance through Empowering Parliamentary Committees in Pakistan (Ongoing)

Research Projects with National Assembly: Review of Research Capacity of PIPS and Think Tank Affiliation (Completed)

Review of National Assembly Research Wing and Library, Annual Work Plan and Subject Matter Experts Affiliation with NA (Completed)

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