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Manzil Pakistan organized 3-day workshop "National Workshop for Legislative Drafters", Islamabad

Policy Note: Should Pakistan liberalize trade with India against the backdrop of an FTA with China?

Pak-India Trade Liberalization: How will Pakistan’s Manufacturing Sector Fare? A Comparative Advantage Analysis
     by Naheed Memon

Law & Justice - Study on Criminal Prosecution in Pakistan

Preliminary Study Parliamentary Committees

Education in Pakistan - State of affairs at a glance


Newsletters, articles, summaries of work, collaborations and other published material from Manzil's research team, CEO and board of directors.

Consequential Amendments Essential for Law Making Processes in Pakistan

What should Pakistan want in Afghanistan

SMEs a neglected lot

Privatisation kerfuffle

Law & Justice Newsletter 1st Edition

What do MNAs do

The Dark Horse Standing Committees

Suo Motu Notices and the Democratic Process



Manzil Pakistan is a Karachi based non-profit think tank dedicated to developing and advocating public policy that contributes to the growth and development of Pakistan.

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