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Manzil Pakistan organized 3-day workshop "National Workshop for Legislative Drafters", Islamabad

Policy Note: Should Pakistan liberalize trade with India against the backdrop of an FTA with China?

Pak-India Trade Liberalization: How will Pakistan’s Manufacturing Sector Fare? A Comparative Advantage Analysis
     by Naheed Memon

Law & Justice - Study on Criminal Prosecution in Pakistan

Preliminary Study Parliamentary Committees

Education in Pakistan - State of affairs at a glance


Newsletters, articles, summaries of work, collaborations and other published material from Manzil's research team, CEO and board of directors.

Crisis after Crisis

Resurrecting the Obsolete

Explanatory Memorandum: A Way to Increase Legal Literacy in Pakistan

Consequential Amendments Essential for Law Making Processes in Pakistan

What should Pakistan want in Afghanistan

SMEs a neglected lot

Privatisation kerfuffle

Law & Justice Newsletter 1st Edition

What do MNAs do

The Dark Horse Standing Committees

Suo Motu Notices and the Democratic Process



Manzil Pakistan is a Karachi based non-profit think tank dedicated to developing and advocating public policy that contributes to the growth and development of Pakistan.

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