Mahin Aziz Khatri
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Mahin Aziz Khatri
Senior Research Assistant

Mahin has been part of Manzil Pakistan since 2017 when she joined as a “Research Assistant”, where currently she is working as “Senior Research Assistant”.

Her main responsibilities include both primary and secondary data collection for research studies carried under the umbrella of Manzil Pakistan as well as coordinating with Manzil’s collaborating organizations.

Strong sense of social injustice and criminal negligence to environment motivates her to work in social, socio-economic and economic research sector. She has great potential in research field that is reflected through her ever growing learning curve, since her joining.

Considering the potential she has been provided many training opportunities to polish and refine her skills. Other than research she also has experience of working in logistics industry.

Academically, she holds Masters in Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from University of Karachi. When she is not working, you can find her volunteering or exploring languages and beaches.



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