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Dr. Abdul Waheed

Dr. Abdul Waheed is an economist with expertise in Economic Development and specializes in economic issues of South Asia. Dr. Waheed has achieved Ph.D. degree from Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University, Japan. He is the Associate Professor of the Department of Economics & Finance at University of Bahrain (BU).

Before having done various stints as an associate professor at (BU) Dr. Waheed was the Chairman of the Department of Economics at University of Karachi (KU) in Pakistan. The Institute of Developing Economies also invited him to Tokyo, Japan as Visiting Research Fellow, to conduct research on "Financial Sector Reforms in Pakistan". He has over 21 research articles published in both national and international journals and books as well as one monograph.

Dr. Waheed

Dr. Waheed has been a member of the Japan Society for International Development, Senate and Academic Council of the University of Karachi, Board of Governors of Applied Economics Research Centre, Board of Faculty of Management & Administrative Science, University of Karachi and Working Group on Vision 2025 and 11th Five Year Plan of Ministry of Planning, Development & Reforms, Government of Pakistan.

A prolific researcher, Dr. Waheed has has been a research consultant to JCR-VIS for Sovereign Credit rating of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and sub sovereign credit rating for the government of Punjab. He also conducted research on energy demand forecasting for Shell Pakistan Pvt. Limited. He compiled a comprehensive long time series Economic and Financial Database for National Bank of Pakistan. He supervised many students on their M.Phil and PhD thesis.

He is serving at Manzil Pakistan in an advisory capacity as part of Manzil's Advisory Council on all matters relating to the economy and trade.


Justice (R) Shaiq Usmani

Justice (R) Shaiq Usmani has served as a Judge of the Honorable High Court of Sindh at Karachi from where he took voluntary retirement in 1999. He is presently a Senior Advocate of Supreme Court and heads a law firm “USMANI & IQBAL” based at Karachi dealing with all aspects of Law in particular, Shipping, Insurance, Corporate law, Commercial law etc. He has on his credits a judgment reported in the English Law Journal (Lloyds Law Report [2000] Vol. 1 pg. 563).

He has been appointed amicus curiae by both the Supreme Court and the High Courts of Pakistan in several instances. In addition to being one of the most experienced practicing lawyers and general counsel Mr. Usmani is considered to be an expert on Admiralty and Maritime Law, as well as often being asked to give his interpretation on Islamic Jurisprudence of which he is a researcher and scholar.

Dr. Waheed

Mr. Usmani is the holder of a Master of Laws Degree from the University of Southampton, is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in London and as is a Member of the International Bar Association.

As a part of Manzil's Advisory Council he guides on research matters relating to Law and Justice. He also assisted Manzil Pakistan in preparation of 'Manual for Drafting Legislation: A primary guideline for drafters' provided an extensive training to drafters across Pakistan in March 2018 at Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services (PIPS), Islamabad.



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