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Mr. Ahsan Qamar
Manager Finance & Admin

Mr. Ahsan Qamar has been with Manzil Pakistan since 2013. Here he works as Manager Manager Finance & Admin. He has more than a decade of experience in the areas of Finance, Accounts and Auditing. He is an experienced team player committed to improve overall financial processes besides building cohesive environment for better compliance and effective internal controls. His primary responsibilities include preparing annual budgets, managing finances, finalization of financial statements, execution of financial reporting cycles, coordination with external auditors, and compliance with regulatory policies and taxation. He is also responsible to assist higher management for developing reporting structures, and plays important role in implementing strategies at organizational and group level. His strong coordination and effective communication skills can be explained through his participation in meetings at group level as well as in other group companies. Mr. Ahsan is a qualified Accountant, and his Chartered Certified Accountant qualification (ACCA) is in progress. Being a certified Public Finance Accountant, he is also a member of Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants (PIPFA).



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