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Mr. Muhammad Musa
Research Assistant

Mr. Muhammad Musa is a law graduate and joined Manzil Pakistan in 2021 as a Research Assistant in the Law and Justice Division. Mr. Musa had also served the organization as an intern where his excellent performance was noticed by his superiors and a designation of Research Assistant was offered to him. He has also contributed in numerous publications that aim to improve and reform the legal system in Pakistan.
He is well versed in Contract law, International law and Human Rights laws, and has a taste for writing in the said subjects. He strives to utilize his abilities to bring positive changes in the laws of Pakistan by suggesting transformations for them in accordance with the advancements of the society. His area of research includes reviewing the Archaic laws and statutes prevalent in Pakistan and suggesting suitable amendments for them and studying the judicial procedures of the country to facilitate the general public to comprehend the laws better. He also examines the international laws to shortlist and propose those that can be applied in Pakistan.



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