Muhammad Siddiq Ansari
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Muhammad Siddiq Ansari
Manager Policy & Programs

Muhammad Siddiq Ansari has been member of Manzil Pakistan family since Apr 2017 and performing as Manager Policy and Programs. He is a law graduate and also Masters in Human Resource Management, possessing good legal understanding and having adequate experience of law research. Being a team leader of Law & Justice Unit of Manzil Pakistan, he is leading a competent professional team committed to Law Reforms / Review project with the aim to bring up people’s legal awareness to a level, where they can confidently recognize their legal responsibilities / rights in the society. He is a professional with vast diverse experience of performing Operational Planning, Selection and Training with requisite depth of Human Resource Management and Personnel Administration.



Manzil Pakistan is a Karachi based non-profit think tank dedicated to developing and advocating public policy that contributes to the growth and development of Pakistan.

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