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January 2019
Manzil Pakistan team briefed Federal Minister of Port and Shipping at maritime industry get-together.

April 2018
Manzil Pakistan staff presented a paper at IAS International Conference 2018.

April 2018
Manzil Pakistan staff presented a paper at International Conference on Creating Inclusive Organization and Public Spaces, 2018.

April 2018
Manzil Pakistan staff represented at a conference organized by Lahore School of Economics.

April 2018
Manzil Pakistan organized 3-day workshop "National Workshop for Legislative Drafters" from 28-30 March, 2018, Islamabad.

September 2014
Manzil Pakistan Published in The Lahore Journal of Economics

05 October 2014
Where victims fear to tread by Faiza Saleem

04 June 2014
On Islamic banking by Saleem Raza

26 May 2014
Indian foreign policy under Modi by Najmuddin A. Shaikh

19 May 2014
What does Modi’s victory portend? by Najmuddin A. Shaikh

17 April 2014
Liberalisation of trade with India: Manzil highlights steps to be taken

February 2014
Pak-India Trade Liebralization: How will Pakistan’s Manufacturing Sector Fare? A Comparative Advantage Analysis by Naheed Memon

19 Februray 2014
The Manzil Fellowship in Governance is now accepting applications

22 July 2013
Interview with Manzil Pakistan’s CEO in Business Recorder



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